January 21, 2015

If Grumpy Cat had a Tinder and other Tinder Tips

Have you ever created a Tinder account "just for fun"? Or "for a joke"? Oh, this is a good one--"[your] friend made it for [you]?" 
You get a Tinder because you're experiencing a "man drought" or a "chick famine". You start talking to the people you match with. It's quite convenient because you know whoever you're talking to thinks you're hot, right? So all you have to do is show off your winning personality and see how shallow the other person is.
Many people who don't have Tinder seem (validly) concerned about friends and loved ones who do--what if that straight up 10 you've been self disclosing to is really a nasty middle aged man? What if that physically flawless babe that asked to meet up at the gas station is actually a sketchy person planning on mugging you? 
Here are some ways you can definitely tell if this person you've matched with is bad news:

1. The Heartless Thug with Violent Tendencies. 
We know the guy was expecting an edgy answer--but he wasn't expecting someone who would prevent charity donations from happening. I'm going to take a wild guess and say this girl gives Monopoly money for tips and hides walkers and wheelchairs at geriatric care centers.
Watch out for these raging heathens. They're tricky to catch.

2. The One with Evil Life Goals and Aspirations.

Business? So vague. So general. When I read that, I think "okay, this person obviously isn't sure what they want as a career yet; or, they think I'm too stupid for specifics." This Business Major has matched with someone who knows exactly what they want. They know where to go and how to get there. Sometimes that is too much pressure. You stress enough about your own education--why add the worry of if your significant other's major is ethical or not?
Maybe they could watch "Fern Gully" on their meet up date (and if he really wants her, he shouldn't recycle that soda can).

3. Girls who Love the Bad Boys. 

Woah. Better make sure they don't have any power hungry assassination plans in place.
You'd better stick with the girls that say "Prince Eric" or something.

4. Make sure you find out their hobbies.
When they say "opposites attract," they're referring to the football player and the choir star. The funny girl and the shy guy. The organized one and the one who's a mess.
If you run across an answer like this--ask yourself, "what are my hobbies? Would I be comfortable embracing this new love interest's hobbies along with my own? Are those hobbies wholesome, recreational activities?"
Particularly if you're an animal lover--I'd recommend un-matching this one.

5. When, At Last, Your Love Has Come Along.
Now, Tinder may not be for everybody, but there are so many cases where it works! You probably know someone who is in a serious relationship with or even married to their soul mate they met on Tinder. Did you ever ask your parents how they knew they were in love? In the movies, they always answer, "you... you just know." There could be tingling spines, racing hearts, sudden urges to dance or make strange noises.
There is a point in your Tinder conversation that will make it or break it--the one where a phone number will come right after or you'll never hear back from them again.
Well, here was my moment. When I read this Tinder message, my soul kind of sighed and said, "Oh, there you are. I've been looking for you."

Good luck in Tindering, mate.
I hope you find that Tinderella in the Tindergarten.

Always a Pleasure,

January 18, 2015

on Sunday's we go to church

Today my cousin reported on his mission and shared experiences he had. It was truly an amazing talk and the spirit was so strong and touched so many people. There was not a dry eye in the whole congregation that was filled to capacity and than some.

A talk called "Small Acts of Service" by Spencer W. Kimball was quoted and related to his own experience. 

“If we are not careful, we can be injured by the frostbite of frustration; we can be frozen in place by the chill of unmet expectations. To avoid this we must—just as we would with arctic coldness—keep moving, keep serving, and keep reaching out, so that our own immobility does not become our chief danger.”

He read this and I couldn't help but think that this has described me at different key points in my life. When I feel like my life doesn't have the direction I feel it should or when I'm waiting for certain things to change. I become frustrated. Destructive thoughts soon take over. If I keep praying this obviously won't change because I have already been praying about it and nothing has changed. You can become numb or immobile as President Kimball described. We must keep moving to avoid this. (Movement creates warmth and warmth is happiness- I love this analogy) Continue with the mundane tasks and keep the commandments. It's simple and we know it's simple but sometimes it may not seem like it's working. 

"Sometimes the solution is not to change our circumstance, but to change our attitude about that circumstance; difficulties are often opportunities for service. Someone has said that hell “is frozen in self-pity.”

ding ding ding! maybe i'm praying for the wrong thing? Maybe I'm still praying for what I want not what the Lord wants for me?  It hit me when I read this that it isn't so much a matter of my circumstances but more of the attitude i'm carrying with me. These things ARE important even if it seems like nothing is changing. If our circumstances aren't changing we are changing as we are serving others and reaching outside of ourselves. And Isn't the change in yourself more important than anything else?

"So often, however, what we need by way of encouragement to keep the commandments and to serve others is to simply be stirred in our memory by the Spirit concerning the things we already know, rather than receiving new inspiration and revelation. It has been said that “memory is the stomach of the soul,” in that it receives, digests, and nourishes us. (Donne’s Prebend Sermons, Harvard University Press, 1971.) The Holy Ghost stirs our memory as well as our understanding. We must then do what we already know is right—the simple things, the straightforward things, and the specific things. This is one of the reasons why we, as Latter-day Saints, must live in a worthy manner so that we can have the influence of the Holy Ghost and have his constant companionship to guide us, to direct us. His guidance is far more important than the learning of techniques, although these can be helpful."

"God does nothing by chance, but always by design as a loving father. You know his purpose. We have purpose also in our lives. Surely such a loving Father in heaven, who gave commandments to prevent human misery, will not forget the needs of each of his children."

I'm beyond grateful for the inspired talk that was given today. I do know that Heavenly Father loves me and He loves each of us. His love for us is perfect. His love is infinite. When I change my attitude it helps me notice that He has actually been their all along answering my prayers and blessing me not the other way around.

An oldie but a goodie! also it's Jane's b-day so a close-up is mandatory! (#RealLaughing #NotStaged)

January 11, 2015

welcome January

hellooo January! Earlier this week I welcomed sickness and slept for 24 hrs straight, drove to Logan for student teaching orientation (pretended to live my old life for a couple of days), cut 7 inches off my hair, bought new glasses, and then finally started student teaching.

I was in my second grade classroom for the very first time when this little boy turns around takes one look at me and says, "you're sooo cute"completely jaw dropped and everything.  funniest thing in my life. Hello LADIES MAN.

Two more months and then just like that I'll be finishing college in Norway.

oh yeah look what I ran into while I was in Logie. it's like i'm still there even while i'm not.

December 22, 2014

My best friends wedding

KyPay is now a married women. I repeat Kylie is MARRIED! This girl was my roommate all of college! I'm so lucky I got to be with her as long as I was. I think our level of friendship qualifies for her kids to call me aunt Meg and mine to call her auntie Ky. 

Her wedding was literally perfect. Ever since freshman year Kylie has been rather obsessed with weddings and wedding videos. I guess all that obsessing translated into her own perfect wedding. Every time I'm at a wedding I am overcome with the love the couple shares, like it is just overflowing. Ky and Dan are SOO in love! 

Side note, I caught the bouquet at Cass's wedding in Oct and at now at Ky's too. I've been extra competitive lately and it's obviously been paying off. (borderline too competitive though because it's ridiculous and kind of embarrassing how much I want to catch those darn flowers.) I just think I need all the luck I can get ya know? At this rate of superstitious vibes I would expect my husband to just magically appear. Still waiting. Will let you know.

Here's To Kylie and Daniel. Congrats cuties! I seriously love you both so much.

December 17, 2014

honey I'm home

Practicum is over, Course work-DONE.

Ya know, it's pretty amazing to me that college comes to an end. I had no idea. Before now, there wasn't really an end in sight. Finally about thanksgiving break it sunk in while I was driving home. Right as I was driving past downtown Salt Lake I started sobbing like I had just gotten broken up with. College broke up with me, guys. It doesn't want anything to do with me anymore. It said I was too old for it. (I mean technically I still have to student teach, but since i'm not doing that in Logan I feel like I'm done.)

Am I being overly emotional about it all? There are just some serious mixed feelings over here. The unknown in life brings some serious fear of the future. But let's be real I have so many things to look forward too.

---fast forward to present day---

I'm home, and honestly I sorta just feel I have reverted back to my high-school self. My sis mish best friends are home and near by. I'm back at my high school job. It's like Hello 17 yr old Meg. It's kinda actually really great. I have the biggest bed and a whole basement to myself. I come home to dinner every single night. The TP is like 1 billion times softer then anything I would ever buy. My little sisters think i'm cool still. And I can always count on my dad to de-ice my car / clear the snow off. THIS IS THE GOOD LIFE.

And Kylie is getting married tomorrow! BYE